For those new to the blog, who want to find posts on particular subjects, here’s a directory of to some of the categories:

Advice.  Some advice for people thinking of moving to the suburbs, everything from coping with your metamorphosis to a suburbanite to general real estate advice (I sometimes put on my other hat, the one where I run a big real estate company).

Best Of.  A collection of what we thing are some of our best posts.  We should be clear that this is, frankly, pretty thin gruel, but it’s the best of a mediocre lot.

Having a Dog in the SuburbsPretty self-explanatory, I think: the adventures of Kozy the Dog.

Humor. Only the funny stuff, or at least the stuff I think is funny. Reasonable minds can disagree.

Living in Manhattan. Posts about my life in Manhattan, mostly, at this point, my memories of living in the city, but occasionally thoughts on what it’s like to live in the greatest city in the world.

Living in the Suburbs. What is it like to live in the suburbs generally, and my own peculiar adventures in suburbia.

Moving to the Suburbs. A collection of posts about the challenges of moving to the suburbs, most of them written when I actually made the move.

My Life. Only those posts about my own adventures as a suburbanite.

Parenting in the Suburbs. A collection of posts about all the fun and joy of raising a kid in the suburbs.

Suburban Rites of Passage. Getting a dog, having a kid, buying an SUV, going to Marshalls — thoughts on going through all the rites of passage to becoming a full-fledged suburbanite.

Return from Exile. My usually wistful takes on some of the times I’ve gone back into Manhattan to enjoy brief reminders of city life.

Suburbs in the News.  My takes on news coverage of the suburbs, either from media sources or other blogs.

Suburbs versus Cities. Commentary on the whole “what’s better: urban density or suburban sprawl” debate, which is just raging.

SUMA Lifestyle.  My occasional attempts to find urbanizing experiences living in the suburbs, something I’ve done less and less of now that I spend all my time chasing my kid.

Who’s Moving to the Suburbs?  I’ve appointed myself as the driver of the “Welcome Wagon” for people moving to the suburbs, including all the celebrities that reportedly are joining me and therefore, in my mind, validating my decision.